Living room curtains
Curtains on KS curtain rod
Curtains with rings
Sheercurtain and curtain
Curatins on manual bended curtain rod
Hided curtain rod
Curtains and sheer curtain
Curtain in living room
Curtain on rods
Blackout curtain
Curtains witk lambrekin
Green curtains
Curtains in corner


While developing our collection of materials we were guided by the need to introduce a fabric with a different index of light transmission into the room. That is why the curtains made in our studio can be sewed with the usage of traditional materials or using special a DIMOUT fabric which gives an effect of complete darkening. Additionally it is possible to use of a two-layer sewing or lining.

Our displays include fabrics made ​​of cotton, silk, linen and polyester and come from producers from Belgium, Spain, Holland, Germany and Poland. Thanks to certified fabrics our curtains can also be recommend to offices, conference halls and hotels.

For fastening the curtains we use:

  • grommets commonly named “decorings”
  • suspenders
  • Other elements used with wrinkling tapes

Decorative curtains are often clipped with tapes or tassels that are next fixed to the rosettes.

To trim the curtains we recommend wrinkling tapes that provide an interesting look at each type of curtain rod. We use different kinds of pinning of the tape, so that we can easily decide on the amount of material used for the decoration.

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