Terrace awnings

We offer patio awnings made ​​to the desired size, with fabric made from acrylic coated with Teflon or made of PVC. These fabrics are characterized by an increased resistance to external factors such as rain, wind and UV radiation.

Awnings are offered in six models differing from each other by maximum dimensions, the presence of the cassette where the awning material is retractable, available colors of the aluminum construction (in most models awning construction is available in five colors) and the possibility of installing an awning canopy.

Hood is a special construction mounted over the awning, which additionally protects the fabric of a rolled awning from rain and moisture. Instead of hood, an awning in a cassette can be ordered - a special aluminum construction protects not only, as in the case of the hood, fabric from the top of the awning, but also from the front.

For all types of awnings we offer a wide range of electrical control systems ranging from the simplest motor operating on buttons or a remote control, ending with the advanced wind, weather and time automatic control.

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