Eco Zalmal

As a company that has been active in the window covering industry for a very long time, we strive to achieve high levels of social and environmental responsibility. With that aspect in mind, we have implemented several solutions to be more environmentally conscious.

We believe that broken blinds or roller blinds do not necessarily have to be replaced with new ones. Although it would be more profitable for us to make new products, we offer a large selection of replacement parts for various systems. This way, together with our customers we contribute to reducing the volumes of waste plastic, aluminum, steel and other metals.

Roller blinds are made of textiles supplied on wide beams. This sometimes results in scraps. The name is a bit misleading, as the fabric quality is just the same and the scraps can still be used in new products. Unfortunately, just as the name suggests, in many companies these are scrapped. At Żalmal, however, we have special warehouse with leftover window product fabrics waiting for clients who find them interesting. We offer an additional discount for using materials left over from other orders. Please ask our staff is you are interested.

Żalmal also offers environmentally friendly solar powered roller blind and awning systems. These are not only great for the environment, but also it eliminates the need for additional wiring and helps save electricity.

Being environmentally friendly means being animal friendly, too. As a company that is more than friendly to pets, we offer several solutions to increase pet safety and comfort.