25 mm Athena venetianblinds

Athena venetianblind system combine aluminum ventianblind and pleatedblind.

We can adjust the place of upper and bottom rail by hand. Thanks to this, we can cover every part of window. On example we can cover lower part of window in flat on ground floor. It's allow us to save our privacy and let the lights in.

Blind without cords

Athena slats tilt is steered by rotating disc in upper rail. It is very unique and rare solution. Athena blind doesn't have hanging cords and rods.


Athena - blind system with multiple adjustments

Athena lets us to enter the exact amount of lights, which we want. We can totally close blind slats to prevent our flat from light. Turning softly rotating disc let us to provide more lights into flat or office - number of variants is without limit.

Blinds close to glass

Athena side guides allow us to keep blinds very close to glass, also when we open window.

Multiple colors

In offer is avilable more then hundred colors of slats in widths: 16 mm and 25 mm.

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